MassageHomePg2Remedial Massage Therapy Styles:

A. Treatment Focused
  • Focus on specific treatment of muscular and joint inflammation
  • Ideal for acute or chronic injuries, rehabilitation and self-care
  • Apply therapeutic techniques (e.g., trigger point, meridians, stretches)
  • Benefits:
    1. Speed up recovery process naturally
    2. Reduce pain symptoms and swelling
    3. Increase mobility and movement
B. Relaxation Focused
  • A general full body relaxation to ease the mind and body
  • Ideal for stress relief, insomnia, anxiety and overall tension
  • Apply relaxation techniques (e.g., Swedish Method, glides, placements)
  • Benefits:
    1. Immense stress and tension relief
    2. Promote overall body circulation and wellbeing
    3. Reduce compressions to regain healthy posture

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Red light therapy offers synergistic effects by using light and heat to facilitate healing. Massage and red light therapies can be delivered simultaneously. Click here to find out more about red light therapy

About your Remedial Massage Therapist

Greyson (Registered therapist with Australian Natural Therapists Association) has over 10 years of massage therapy experience internationally and locally. Trained in Eastern Traditional Chinese Medicine massage techniques and Western remedial therapy techniques, Greyson has accomplished extensive successful treatment outcomes with his clients.

Greyson has been recognised as a reliable and effective massage therapist in the communities he worked in, with allied professionals (e.g., physiotherapists, chiropractors) recommending clients to him for collaborative treatments. He endeavours to not only help clients ease their physical pain, but also educate clients on skills and techniques to self-maintain and gain more independence.

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Life Coaching Specialties:

  • Cognitive-Emotional Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Goals-Habits-Results Coaching
  • Stress-Reduction Coaching
  • Personal Counselling

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Benefits of Life Coaching:

  • Identify and change repeating painful patterns
  • Gain self-clarity and awareness at fundamentals
  • Solution-focused, we begin with an end in mind
  • Accountability with and by coach
  • Evidence-based models for lasting change
  • Systematic approach within time limit

About your Personal Coaching Consultant

Dr. Greyson Kim (PhD Psych; accredited by Australian Psychology Accreditation Council) practices a range of models originating from Psychology, Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy. With years of experience in the field of research and practice, Greyson helps clients actively create a desired future, using both cognitive-behavioural and subconscious hypnosis interventions.

His main aim is to help you generate functional meanings from your experiences, using a variety of approaches/models to suit your circumstance. Working together, more hope, purpose and fulfillment will be instilled into your life.

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