I am a 55-year-old carer for my husband, and my body always tightens up into knots easily with all the hard work. Like the other day, I shifted the car gear, and my back seized up. Within one session, Greyson fixed that. I find massages painful, so when Greyson heard me, he gave me the most blissful massage I ever had. Now we’re fixing other parts and freeing the muscles from pain.

~ C.

Gentle and powerful

I have seen Greyson for 3 years now. I always have pain and job isn’t making it any easier. There have been a few times when I tried other professionals like chiros and physios, but they don’t seem to work well. I even did cortisone injection, and it’s only temporary. The pain relief Greyson gives me is long-lasting, I never felt loose in my muscles until I see him. He knows what to do.

~ N.

Chronic pain

My husband, daughter and I see Greyson whenever we have problems with any body pain. From what I know, he fixed my lower back, neck, and arms, my husband’s neck and shoulders and my daughter’s sciatic pain. He is our go-to and we sure get results. We have been seeing him for about 2 years now. We wish him all the best ahead.

~ V.

Our family therapist

I brought my daughter in the other day for a lower back injury. She is a dancer and she works all day. Now after 2 sessions of remedial massage she seems so much happier and relieved of that bugging pain. I am so glad for her.

Dancer and lower back injury

I met Greyson to treat my chronic headache, my neck is always stiff. He seemed to understand what was going on, he said he fixed many of these cases. After a couple of sessions, the headache has settled a lot, and my neck feels so much better.

~ S.

Chronic headache

I have been suffering from lower back pain as a gardener for many years. At night the pain was simply unbearable. I was recommended to see Greyson by a friend, and he was amazing. We do weekly 30mins session, and now I can work better and my quality of life improved tremendously.

~ K.

Lower back sciatic pain

I was at a point of being unsure which career opportunities to take on. It was confusing and I don’t know where to go. I saw Greyson for career counselling. I need someone to tell me what to do, but Greyson didn’t. He listened very carefully and asked me questions to deepen my thoughts. Soon I found my answers.

~ C.

Career guidance

Since my cardiac surgery, I am in lots of pain. I lost my independence and hope in life. I felt depressed most days. Working with Greyson gives me hope and the believe that recovery is possible. I have seen him 3 sessions and I am a very different person now. I am exercising every morning, and that helps me to cope with the pain and speed my wound recovery. I take more control in my life now.

~ T.

Pain & depression

Greyson is very professional. Have found him to be very caring and helpful. I always receive positive results and will continue to see him in the future.

 ~ Nikki

Professional care

My relationship took a huge downturn when trust was betrayed. I was in a dark place and could not manage work and time alone. Greyson helped me to work through forgiveness and I see a much different perspective after our sessions. The release of the emotional burden is very helpful for me. Now I am at a better place in the relationship.

~ S.

Forgiveness and betrayal