About me

Arriving to this point…

Being a remedial therapist, a personal coaching consultant and a researcher at the same time is probably a career choice less heard of. To arrive at this amalgamation of different disciplines, I constantly ask myself what brings me meaning in life, and what leads to successful living. I realized the underlying current in my life, which uplifts and actualizes me, is to help others live beyond pain, forging a life of success, peace and contentment. For me, a life of success is one that constantly rewards us with peace, on psychological, emotional and physical levels, while fulfilling our inherent growth needs. My career revolves around this.

In my early career as a remedial therapist, though I was able to relieve physical distress for clients, I saw that physical pain formed only part of the cycle of suffering. Much was left hidden in the mind. I went on to study deep into psychology and counselling to understand the structure of our psyche, and found myself gravitating towards the sub-discipline of positive psychology and coaching, which revolves around the concepts of flourishing, life purpose, happiness and successful living. I deviated from the common pathway of clinical psychology because I believe that healthy and well people would also greatly benefit from the science of psychology, and I want to be a part of that change. I went on to do a PhD around our relationships with inner emotions and how our emotional regulation ability change under different circumstances, which cemented my understanding on how emotions could affect our different psychological systems at large. 

certificationsAs a Remedial Therapist…

I have 14 years of international and local experience in this industry. My journey began in Singapore where I was trained and worked as a acupressure therapist under the discipline of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After a few years, I moved to Australia and took on a nationally-recognized diploma in remedial massage therapy. Along the way, I acquired several Western techniques through courses to integrate into my treatment.

I worked as a manager, senior remedial therapist, therapist trainer and wellness coach for about 6 years in Perth in different wellness centers located in Melville, Kwinana, Fremantle and Forrestfield. Now, I established my private practice here in Success, where I work interdependently with many parts of the local community, including the local gyms, the ARC, families and allied health practices.

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As a Personal Coaching Consultant…

Alongside working as a remedial therapist, I topped the class with a First-Class Honours in Psychology, and was invited to do a PhD in Psychology with a government scholarship (Australian Postgraduate Award). Meanwhile, I also completed diplomas in professional counselling, life coaching, clinical hypnosis and teacher diploma in meditation. As I studied and practiced these disciplines, a pattern began to emerge for me. I saw that healthy and well people also need help in meeting fundamental needs, and the source of psychological distress could stem from similar grounds, but on different extent. What we learn in psychological treatments can benefit a normal client.

Below is a list of modalities (drawn from psychology, counselling and coaching) I specialize in, which we will experience to resolve your concerns:

List of Specialised Modalities for Personal Coaching

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As a Research Consultant…

Alongside practice, I am also a research consultant on various psychology research projects, ranging across topics in mental health and wellbeing. I work with researchers across major universities in Australia, such as UniSyd, ANU, UQ, UWA. With a scientist-practitioner approach to working with clients, I only implement evidence-based strategies that have been shown to be effective as tested in research studies.