What is Personal Coaching?

Everyone has a need to continually seek improvement, to discover further meaning in life, and to live with more contentment and fulfilment. When we live in a non-stop environment, sometimes we forget slowing down to rediscover our priorities and values. Wellness Coaching and Hypnotherapy is about taking a journey inward, re-examining our psychological, biological and social wellness, and actively creating a desired future, using both cognitive-behavioural and subconscious hypnosis interventions.

My name is Dr. Greyson Kim (PhD Psych; accredited by Australian Psychology Accreditation Council), an experienced and qualified life coach and hypnotherapist. I have worked with extensive experience and supervision in the industry of mental health and wellness, successfully helping many clients to improve their overall wellbeing.

The Way I Want to Serve you.

Coaching is a series of professional and personal conversations that are authentic, vulnerable and powerful. My underlying principle is to understand you deeply, and allow you to take me through an inward journey to see what matters most to you. I want to have conversations to slow things down with you, to reassess life from a place of power. I use evidence-based coaching and hypnosis strategies from my extensive training in psychological science. Together, with my professional knowledge and your authenticity, we will evoke lasting change.

Over the years, I have come to specialise in these aspects of psychological, biological, and social wellbeing with successful results:

– Emotional fluctuations (e.g., depressed, anxious)
– Self-critic and judgement
– Obsessive thoughts
– Motivation and habits
– Confidence and performance
– Body image
– Trauma and grief

– Pain management
– Insomnia and poor sleep
– Fitness and exercise
– Smoking, alcohol and sugar
– Weight loss

– Social loneliness and isolation
– Relationship conflict
– Separation and divorce
– Personal identity and meaning

I specialise in a number of coaching domains, which I can serve with utmost confidence. Given my PhD training as a research-practitioner, I only utilise evidence-based methods to evoke positive change. Read on to find out more.

 Types of Coaching


Cognitive-Emotional Coaching focuses on psychological obstacles relating to thoughts and emotions that result in maladaptive behaviours. This coaching specialty explores your inner world of perception, beliefs, values and thinking processes, as well as deriving meaning from your emotions and how to process/manage your emotions effectively.

When the focus is placed on understanding the relationship between your cognition, emotions and behaviours, we can implement evidence-based adjustments to the involved component to bring about positive changes and long-lasting growth. Essentially, you will gain a deep awareness of your personality, a leverage for further gains.

Relevant contexts (examples, not limited to):
  • Life meaning and purpose exploration
  • Emotional struggles (e.g., depression, anxiety, anger, aversion)
  • Health issues (e.g., insomnia, binge, coping)
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Work performance
  • Self-esteem/confidence
  • Life transitions/personal identity
  • Awareness and management of cognition, emotion and behaviour
  • Acceptance of self, enhance psychological flexibility
  • Discover new choice points, raise mindfulness
  • Expand self-efficacy and control to change behaviour
  • Systematic and long-lasting growth

Relationship Counselling and Coaching enhance effective interpersonal processes in couple and family contexts. Backed by over 40 years of scientific research, this coaching specialty will help you understand the structure behind successful relationships and how to implement strategies to improve the satisfaction and longevity of your relationship.

Moving beyond the traditional approach of focusing on interpersonal communication and resolving conflict, this evidence-based contemporary approach, with higher success and lower relapse rates, focuses on two main aspects:

  1. Process coaching – replacing destructive feedback loops with constructive alternatives, to minimize further damage/withdrawal to the relationship.
  2. Repair coaching – adding positive experiences to revitalize the relationship, recreating the sense of a shared and committed future.
Relevant contexts (examples, not limited to):
  • Relationship resentment or stagnation
  • Recurring arguments / a lack of change
  • Growing apart
  • Verge of break-up or divorce
  • Perceived personality incompatibility
  • Use a structured approach to reduce damage and increase relationship gains
  • Awareness of reactive interpersonal processes
  • Gain insight of self and other, recreate the shared identity
  • Increase relationship satisfaction, commitment and intimacy
  • Establish functional interactions in the relationship

Goals-Habits-Results Coaching aims to provide structure to achieve long-term goals, increasing the chances that goal completion is realized. Goals form the backbone of positive change, yet when left unpowered, some goals could be obstructed from manifesting results. This coaching specialty will help you utilize the psychology behind goals, habits and results to manifest your desired goals, using systematic techniques that have been found to be commonly employed by high achievers.

Through this supportive journey, you will discover how to skillfully create intrinsically-charged powerful goals, build on the momentum of change and reinvest results as fuel for further change, forming a self-perpetuating feedback loop to achieve phenomenal outcomes.

Relevant contexts (examples, not limited to):
  • Health and wellness (e.g., weight loss, quit smoking, fitness & exercise)
  • Life improvement (e.g., time management, positive rituals, skills uptake)
  • Project management
  • Academic study skills
  • Work/sports performance
  • Career planning
  • Create structure and clarity to the process of goal achievement, increasing results manifestation
  • Extrinsic and intrinsic accountability
  • Approach change with an attitude of anticipation and confidence
  • Raising self-awareness through the journey of change

Stress-Reduction Coaching assists in effective reduction of stress levels in your work and personal lives. Living in an increasingly fast-paced environment and managing multiple demands, people are inclining towards living in a continuously stressed state. This coaching specialty provides solution to alleviate this stressed condition, improving your personal wellbeing, interpersonal relationship and work performance.

This coaching will induce stress reduction through process-based and strategy-based approaches. In the process-based approach, you will explore how stress is processed internally and what could be adjusted to lower stress perception. In the strategy-based approach, you will learn evidence-based physiological, mental and emotional strategies to release stress in an appropriate and effective manner.

Relevant contexts (examples, not limited to):
  • Work burnout
  • Work-life spillover/unbalance
  • Life crisis point
  • Career changes/transitions
  • Relationship loss
  • Understand the development of stress and effective management strategies
  • Create a healthier lifestyle and positive outlook in life
  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Instill a better balance to work, personal life and leisure
  • Reduce the impact of stress on physiology, emotions and mental states
Personal Counselling.png

Personal Counselling addresses present or past life events that cause you confusion, loss, hurt, pain and resentment; and aims to resolve these unfinished business by providing a safe space to support you through the journey or to process closure. Personal counselling differs from the above coaching methods by employing therapeutic models to the helping relationship, as needed by the deeper and vulnerable issues raised in such contexts.

Personal counselling adopt a client-centered approach to work on the materials the client bring into the session. Through counselling, you will derive new personal meaning through our therapeutic work – for as you speak, you learn parts of yourself that was unexpressed or subdued. As such, you can begin the healing process to get unstuck from the cause, by charting positive steps forward to better manage the current situation or to move past an inhibiting event in your life; hence, creating a more hopeful and wholesome future ahead.

Relevant contexts (examples, not limited to):
  • Loss and grief
  • Seeking forgiveness/releasing resentment
  • Identity confusion/crisis
  • Inhibiting behavioural patterns stemming from the past (e.g., lack of trust, emotional contact, commitment)
  • Persistent emotion struggles (e.g. depression, anxiety, phobia)
  • Instill courage to explore vulnerability
  • Foster acceptance and understanding of self and others
  • Obtain closure for unfinished business
  • Be supported through times of challenge and adversity
  • Enhance psychological and emotional functioning

Pricing & Contact

Regular consultation fees for individual sessions are:

30mins – $50, 60mins – $95, 90mins – $140
(30mins sessions are recommended as brief/refresher sessions)

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