Tennis ball & foam roller: Your personal therapists


Much of our neuromuscular pains and ailments involve myofascial adhesions. As our body gets exhausted, strained or dehydrated, our myofascial system contracts and tightens. The fascia membrane resembles a cling wrap that shrinks and adhere to one another when the body is stressed. When tightened, the inflammations will cause muscular trigger points, generating pain and restriction. By reducing these adhesions, our muscularkeletal system will be freed and body’s circulation will be improved to facilitate healing.


It is a pity when I realised my clients have to turn to medications to solve these problems when the most appropriate treatment is to undergo neuromuscular manipulations. It reduces the pain intensity by at least 50% after the treatment and it is a natural method without any pharmaceutical intake.

For self-treatment at home, I recommend clients to try using props such as the tennis ball and foam roller to reduce such myofascial adhesions. It is recommended after doing such self-treatments that you rest the area for at least 24 hours and drink lots of fluids. It can be applied across any body parts with remarkable results. Try some of these next time you experience muscular discomfort.

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Original writings by The Realist, inspired by encounters in professional work in life coaching, physical therapy and PhD research.